Anthem Brewery Tours

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the wizards at Anthem make the magic happen? Join one of our esteemed team members on a fun little stroll through the brewery to learn a bit about our history, the brewing process, and get a first glimpse into our exciting and ever-expanding facility. Oh, did we mention that there will be a pint or two along the trek? Well, there will (if you are 21 & bring a valid ID, of course)! …and if you promise to have a good time, we’ll even toss in the glass at the end of it all!

The tours are by appointment only, and capped at 15 people, so make sure you contact us at to guarantee yourself a spot that works best for you!

Tours are scheduled for the following times:

Please specify your time of choice when you contact the team at

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to tour.

Note: Out of courtesy for the other tour guests and the team, If more than 10 minutes late for scheduled tour time, we will have to re-schedule for another time.

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